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    The Best Guide to Towing Vehicles In Manhattan

    If you are facing any sort of roadside emergency or, unfortunately, there is some issue that suddenly occurs in your vehicle, at that time you need roadside assistance for repairs, and for roadside assistance, you have to call a towing company. If there is a big fault in your vehicle, then they tow it to a company that provides a recovery service. A towing company in New York works 24 hours a day to provide you with the best services. In this blog, we are going to tell you about the towing process, towing services, the rules and regulations of towing, and the equipment that is required for the towing process.


    Rules while towing vehicles:

    You can tow your car on your own or hire a professional from a towing company. If you have a serious emergency, like a breakdown or accident, then you should use a licensed towing firm. In that case, you can’t tow your vehicle by yourself or to a private tow truck.


    If you are on the highway and your car breaks down, then you have to call the licensed firm. If you don't do this, rates are charged by the directed accident response program.


    If you are on a highway and in an accident. So in that case, you are not allowed to call your private tow truck from the towing company. Because it’s illegal, at that time you have to use the licensed towing firm called by the police. According to the law, in that situation, the towing firm will not provide your vehicle with any other service except towing services.


    Methods and Equipment Required for Towing:

    There are different methods of towing provided by a towing company in New york. It’s totally up to you to pick any method according to your needs.


    Before towing a vehicle, the equipment that is required is:

    Firstly, tow truck, rope, chain, trailer, tow hooks, towing chain and straps, tire skates, snatch blocks, winch cables, recovery strap, tow dolly and wheel net baskets, outrigger pads, electric tow winch, recovery slings, and shackles These are the most important pieces of towing equipment. Every roadside assistance company in New York should have these tools. Without this equipment, they can’t provide you with a towing service.


    Different Methods of Towing:

    You can tow your vehicle with the help of various methods.

    Chain Hook Towing:

    Chain towing is sort of tough, risky, and dangerous. In this towing situation, hooks are attached to your vehicle's axle. So it puts a lot of burden on it. The chances of additional damage increased, but it is suitable for short distances and small vehicles.

    Boom Towing:

    In this method of towing, a truck that has a hydraulic arm enlarges its arm and tightly grips the vehicle. The towing company in New York provides this truck to help vehicles recover from complex places or improperly parked cars.

    Flatbed Towing:

    Flatbed towing is the easiest, safest, and best towing service. It can lift your entire vehicle on its flat surface, secure your vehicle from additional damage, and make it easy to load and unload the vehicle.

    Wheel Lift Towing:

    This method is sort of similar to the chain hook method. But in this method, the front wheel of your vehicle is attached to a metal trailer. With the help of this metal trailer, a truck tows your vehicle, and only two wheels of your vehicle are connected to the ground. This may cause damage.


    Purpose of towing:

    Towing occurs when your vehicle is not able to move from one place to another.

    The main purpose of towing vehicles is not only to provide roadside assistance for towing services, but also to avoid traffic. If your vehicle is not able to move from one place to another. Because of any fault, you should have to tow it if your vehicle is not parked legally, so in 24 hours your car will be towed by the government.



    In this blog, we explain all the main things about towing, like, What is towing? Rules that are required when you are towing a vehicle or being towed by the vehicle, methods of towing—most people don't know the correct method of towing. Just because they have less knowledge, they increase the chances of additional damage. Purpose of towing, like why towing is necessary. If you avoid towing, then it will create some sort of problem for you.