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    Towing Industry Trends: Innovations and Advances

    There are too many methods and techniques for hauling. Different advanced methods and innovations are introduced nowadays and from time to time. In the mechanical industry, hauling service nyc play an important role in human lives by making them easy and convenient. Revolution is necessary in every field and every aspect of life, because if you can’t move from old to advanced methods, you can’t survive. From the start to now, the hauling of vehicles' industry has introduced different modern techniques of hauling to provide you with efficient towing service nyc, enhanced reliability, and improved machinery safety. Advanced techniques of hauling will save you time, money, and your vehicle and prevent further damage. In this blog, we are going to guide you or tell you about the innovations and advanced methods of hauling.


    Techniques, Revolution, and Technology Advancement:

    GPS Technology:

    Hauling companies embrace GPS technology on their systems. By using GPS technology, they can efficiently and easily track your stuck vehicle’s location, and when a tow truck reaches your destination, there is a fleet manager who has control, so they can track the tow truck's location as well.

    Towing service Nyc App:

    By introducing app services, people can easily be contacted by a hauling company for towing service nyc, queens towing service, flatbed towing, and roadside assistance. Whenever you face any kind of roadside emergency, you don’t need to worry; just open the app, pin your location, and click on any service according to your vehicle’s needs. It will track your location and reach your place as soon as possible.

    No need to bargain:

    When you take your car to a local mechanic shop, you have to bargain for its price because they charge too much. But when you open an app, you don’t need to bargain for price; there is a reasonable price label on each queens towing service.

    Online Payments:

    Nowadays, mobile phones are rising in the whole world, and everybody is switching from the normal to the digital world. If you don’t have a credit card or any physical money, then you can use the online payment method by taking any service via mobile phone. You can ask for any kind of help from the mechanic company by using their app, and after receiving their facility, you can pay online with JazzCash or any other payment method.

    Different Pulling Methods:

    Before the advanced or digital world, people could tow their bikes with their toes and pull cars with ropes to tie them tightly. But nowadays, new and advanced methods of queens towing service have been introduced, like flatbed towing. This pulling method is the most convenient way to tow your machinery safely and securely to its destination. As time advances, flatbed towing introduces many types of services, as follows:


    In this truck, the trailer leans back on the ground, and you can easily load your car on its surface from its back.

    Conventional Flatbed Transportation:

    In this method, you can easily lift your vehicle onto the truck without facing any kind of trouble; this is easy pulling, and you don't need any other equipment to lay it on the truck.

    Deck Over:

    The trailer of this truck has a hydraulic lift, and the deck has been raised so you can easily load or unload the car onto the truck.


    This truck has airbags; they lift up your car and load it onto the truck. You can use this method both for short and long distances, but it’s quite expensive.


    Our Concerns:

    Rite Way provides these types of advanced facilities to your vehicle 24/7 in every area of NYC, including Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. They have adopted all the innovations and advancements of the modern world and just want to resolve your concerns and emergencies as soon as possible.



    In this blog, we have explained the trend in the pulling vehicle industry, their techniques and innovations, and their technological advancement. The vehicle's pulling industry embraces new advancements and technologies, including GPS trackers, application development, online payment methods, and new methods or techniques of pulling or hauling the vehicle, introducing new equipment just to look after its security, prevent additional damage, and save you time and money.