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    How to Choose the Right Flatbed Towing Equipment for Vehicle

    There are many different kinds of towing. But flatbed towing is the best and most convenient towing as compared to other towing. Before making the call to flatbed towing service, consider the shape, size, and load capacity that flatbed tow truck service can carry. If you are using the incorrect method or wrong equipment for flatbed towing, then this could increase the chance of additional damage to your vehicle. You have a large vehicle, but you are proceeding with a small flatbed tow truck service. Then your towing will not be working properly. Riteway or heavy-duty towing companies provide heavy equipment towing according to your vehicle's size, shape, and weight. In this blog, we will tell you about flatbed towing services and how to choose the right flatbed towing equipment for your vehicle.


    Equipment required For Flatbed Towing:

    Flatbed tow truck services make it easy to transport your vehicle from one place to another in a secure way. The equipment required for flatbed towing service is a flatbed trailer, and the accessories that are required with this trailer are nylon straps with steel hooks, ratchets, a steel ratcheting system to fasten the load, and basket straps that fit over wheels. Reinforced nylon straps to tie down loads and chains.


    How to Pick the Correct Equipment Trailer:

    Flatbed towing service is trouble-free, but the main thing is to pick the correct heavy equipment towing trailer according to your vehicle's needs.

    Standard Flatbed Trailer:

    A standard trailer is designed to haul machinery, steel, etc. It’s a common type of flatbed trailer; you can load on it from any side. Its height is between 48 and 53 feet.

    Drop Deck:

    Drop-deck trailers have a height of almost 37 feet. They are used to transport tractors. Just because of height restrictions, they are not used to regular flatbeds.

    RGN Trailer:

    This trailer has a height of almost 30 feet and a removable neck. So you can easily load and unload heavy equipment. Can easily do heavy equipment towing without any trouble.

    Lowboy Trailer:

    This trailer is 30 feet long. Heavy-duty towing companies provide this kind of heavy equipment towing. This trailer is used to transport construction equipment and machinery.


    Pros of Flatbed Towing:

    There are many benefits or positive points to flatbed towing service. But the main reason for these services is that they reduce the chances of any kind of vehicle damage. They can lift more than one vehicle; you can call it heavy equipment towing. They can easily transport your vehicle over long distances because it is in motion. So flatbed tow trucks don’t need to apply any external force to haul a vehicle.


    Reliable Towing:

    Rite Way is included in heavy-duty towing companies and offers a reliable flatbed towing service. Their flatbed tow truck services are in Manhattan and Queens. They are providing heavy equipment towing according to your vehicle’s size, shape, weight, and needs. Rite Way Towing Company provides many towing services. They transport your vehicle safely to its location. They charge an affordable price and have towing equipment that meets your vehicle’s needs.



    In this blog, we have explained to you about different types of flatbed towing service and the size and height of flatbed tow trucks, which include standard flatbed trailers, drop decks, RGN trailers, and lowboy trailers. Then you can pick any kind of flatbed tow truck service according to your vehicle’s size, weight, shape, and needs. I also informed you about the equipment required during flatbed towing service and how beneficial flatbed towing is. In this blog, you get to know that Rite Way provides a reliable flatbed towing service.