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  • Protecting Your Vehicle: How Flatbed Towing Prevents Damage
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    Protecting Your Vehicle: How Flatbed Towing Prevents Damage

    Convenient towing services provided by the towing company, a flatbed tow truck is specially designed to provide damage-free, and tension-free transportation to your machinery. There are too many types of pulling, but no one can beat the level of flatbed towing service. A truck that is large in size has a large capacity to carry three to four vehicles on its horizontal surface and provide tension-free transportation because your car is in rest motion while they are on the truck. So if you are still confused about flatbed towing service, then in this blog we will guide you on how horizontal surface trucks protect your machinery while shifting and preventing further damage, how many types of horizontal tow trucks exist, and also about a reliable towing company that provides all types of towing services.


    Types of Flatbed Tow Trucks:

    There are various types of trucks: extensible deck dumper, double-drop trailers, step decks, standard, curtainside, etc.

    Extensible Deck Truck:

    This extensible deck trailer extends its size and length from the back side of the trailer, like a cargo dumper, to load more than three vehicles on its surface.

    Double Drop Trailer:

    This truck is mostly used to transport industrial and machinery equipment; it is also known as a lowboy trailer because it has dual low points in the deck.

    Step Deck:

    This trailer is decked down from the back, so you can easily load a vehicle on its surface. This trailer has a long height, but the beneficial point is that you don’t have any restrictions about its height because the deck is down while loading the vehicle.


    A standard flatbed is a normal trailer that can lift your car, and if you tie it with rope or chain, then they can easily shift your machinery to its destination.


    It’s length is about 48 to 53 feet, and it has an 8-foot-long height. This trailer is not commonly used, but when you need or require more security, you can switch from this trailer. You can load your machinery on its horizontal sides.


    Flatbed Truck Prevent Additional Damage:

    This dumper has a flat surface, so once you can load your machinery, bike, car, or any vehicle on its surface, your machinery is in rest motion; you don’t need to pull or haul it. Your vehicle is easily or conveniently transported to its location. If you use any other technique of pulling, like a trailer or pulling with the help of rope or chain, that will produce stress on your car and increase the chances of additional damage, but this dumper will prevent your car from further damage and give you secure, safe, and satisfying transportation. It is easy to load or lift your car, and it has a large capacity; you can load more than two vehicles on its top. It will quickly transport your conveyance to the company.


    The company provides flatbed towing services.

    There are many companies in New York that provide this service, but Rite Way provides a genuine and reliable service in Manhattan, Queens, at reasonable prices. They have too many services, and all their facilities are available 24/7 just to resolve your problem, prepare your machinery to work again on the road, and give you convenient and satisfying transportation. Their flexible facilities will fulfill your needs and requirements and provide you with a quick response whenever you need them.



    In this blog, we have cleared up all the confusion and key points about flatbeds. They are very beneficial and provide you with safe, secure, reliable, and satisfying shifting. They have many different types, and you can easily pick one of them according to your motor needs and requirements, like its size, length, weight, etc. also informed you that they prevent your motor from further damage because they will not haul it; they shift it as quickly as possible to carry it on its top. Rite Way is the most reliable and reasonable towing company that provides different types of mechanic services to you and gives a quick response to you whenever you need them. They are available to you 24/7.