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  • Why Flatbed Tow Trucks Are the Best Choice for Heavy-Duty Vehicles
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    Why Flatbed Tow Trucks Are the Best Choice for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

    Flatbed tow trucks are essential and beneficial for every type of vehicle and machinery. Whether it is a heavy-duty, medium-size, or small vehicle, you can use this dumper for every kind of transportation. But the main issue is heavy-duty machinery. Basically, heavy-duty vehicles are those whose weight is more than 26001 pounds. And they are tough, risky, difficult, and complicated to haul. Because they have a huge weight and are large in size, it's quite difficult to pull them with any other vehicle. And for pulling that heavy machinery, you would need any other heavy vehicle, which might be complicated. So in that sense, you should avail yourself of the offer of this dumper truck. That will not easily lift your vehicle and will also provide you with safe, secure transportation. With this truck, you will be satisfied and have a convenient experience. So in this blog, if you are confused about the dumper and their facilities, then we are going to inform you about the different types of dumpers that will easily shift your heavy-duty vehicle to lift it on its flat surface and provide you with a convenient, secure, and safe facility.


    Why are they used?

    These trucks are designed to shift machinery for cargo purposes as well as for transportation, import, and export. It is also necessary to pull the damaged vehicle, which does not have the ability to move or work by itself. So these trucks are designed to make and give you convenient, reliable, secure, and genuine shifting. Because you can easily and conveniently load or unload your stuff from them. That will protect your stuff from additional damage and provide you with reliable services. And also, if you want to use it for shipment purposes, you can use these trucks. They will not only provide you with import and export facilities; they will also take care of your product. Provide you with a safe and secure towing service in New York.


    Types of Flatbed Trucks That Can Lift Heavy Loads:

    There are many types of this dumper that can easily bear heavy machinery loads and have the ability and large capacity to transform it from one place to another, preventing further damage. These types are lowboys, removable goosenecks, stepdecks, sidekits, stretch doubles, and conestoga trailers.


    This trailer has a low, flat surface that is almost touching the ground. This trailer is mostly used to carry heavy loads or machinery. Because of their load, you cannot lift them up too high. They have two axels. have a capacity of approximately 80,000 pounds. They are efficient at flatbed towing service.

    Removable Goosenecks:

    RGN is designed to carry long, tall, and body machinery. Their deck is moveable. When you load a vehicle into it, they can lift it or drop it from its front. So you can easily load your vehicle into it.


    These dumpers have two decks on top and bottom and are designed to carry freight. They can lift up to 48,000 pounds. Due to their height, they cannot shift to the standard type.

    Side Kit:

    This dumper has fukly covered sides. They are also designed to carry or transport freight and have the ability to carry 42,000 to 48,000 pounds. They are made of fiberglass.

    Stretch Double:

    This truck also has a double deck, like a step deck, but its bottom or lower deck has the ability to stretch. They are too long and have the ability to carry 45,000 lbs. Their lower deck can lift or carry 10-foot-long machinery.


    They are easy to load and unload the freight into; they are designed to protect the freight during shipment; and they can transport 42,000 to 45,000 kilos.



    In this blog, we explain to you about flatbed towing service. How they are useful and helpful for heavy-load vehicles, and also informed you about the types of towing services in New York. And the flatbed truck types that include lowboys, removable goosenecks, step decks, side kits, stretch doubles, and conestoga are designed to carry heavy machinery and loads. These are used in the shipment and freight processes, as well as transportation and towing services. These trucks provide convenience, security, savings, reliability, and genuine transportation for your product. Keep it safe from further or additional damage. It is easy to load or unload material from them. They are most beneficial for the import-export process because they not only transport it but also keep it safe and secure.