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    When to Use Flatbed Hauling vs.Dolly Hauling

    Hauling is a process that occurs when your vehicle is stuck on the road and is not capable of moving from one place to another. At that time, you need to shift it, and then you use the towing services to transport that car to the company or a mechanic shop for repair and to make it able to run on the road. Different vehicles need and require a different kind of tow truck according to their size, weight, and length, and it also depends on the emergency facing the vehicle or the driver. For example, if you have a severe accident and your car is totally damaged, you can’t tow it with the help of a rope, chain, or trailer. In that case, you need a flatbed towing service. If you are confused about how and when to use trailer pulling service or flatbed towing service, don’t worry. In this blog, we will explain when you should use the right pulling method according to your vehicle’s needs.


    Making the Right Choice While Hauling:

    Most people make the mistake of choosing the right towing services, which is why they face trouble and additional damage during transportation and have a bad experience. Below, we define the difference between a flatbed hauling service and a dolly. It’s up to you to pick the right one according to your situation.


    Flatbed Towing Service:

    A flatbed truck that is only designed to tow or transport a car on its flat surface from one location to another while that vehicle is in rest motion when they are transporting This truck transports any kind of vehicle or machinery and carries different kinds of weight. You can easily load or unload your machine from it. They provide you with safe hauling.

    In Which Situations Do You Need Flatbed Towing Service?

    Expensive Vehicle:

    When you have a four-wheeler, you have to haul it on a flat surface truck. Your vehicle is too expensive, so if you try to haul it with a rope or chain, it will increase the chances of any additional damage to your four-wheeler.

    Long Distance: 

    Also for a long distance. When you need to travel a long distance, a flat surface truck is beneficial and suitable for your vehicle's transportation, providing the best hauling services. This truck keeps your machinery secure and safe and prevents any further damage. They carry your machinery on its flat surface and shift it to its destination safely.


    How is flatbed towing nyc beneficial?

    It is easy to load, unload, and carry every type of machinery on its surface. They can load more than one vehicle on its surface. It's a time-saving truck; if you pull your car with a rope or chain, it takes too much time to reach your destination. You have to pull it slowly to prevent further damage to your car, but if you use a flat-surface truck, you don't need to worry because they safely shift it to keep it in rest mode.


    Dolly Towing Services:

    Dolly hauling is a sort of rope- or chain-type hauling. Like they pull your car from its front side, the front wheel of your four-wheeler is on rest and tied to the trailer behind the other car or truck, and the back wheel is on the ground. Dolly pulling services are only beneficial for light-weight machinery like a bike, scooter, or small car. You have to keep in mind that you can’t tow an auto whose size or weight exceeds the size and weight capacity of the dolly.

    For Short-Distance and Lightweight Machinery:

    If you need to tow for a short distance and also have light-weight machinery, then dolly hauling is great for you because the charge is not too high for pulling. So if you have this, then you should choose dolly pulling instead of flatbed towing nyc.


    Reliable Services:

    Rite Way provides you with many types of reliable services in Manhattan, Queens, and other areas of New York, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Rite Way's goal is to provide you with the best hauling service possible based on your needs and requirements. They provide flatbed towing nyc, junk car removal, roadside assistance, and whatever and whenever you need it, they will be here to rescue you from trouble.



    In this blog, if you have any misconceptions about flatbed towing nyc and dolly hauling, then we have cleared each and every point for you. Then, when and why should you choose the right service according to your needs? Most people are confused, and due to confusion, they make mistakes, so we just cleared up your misconception. So pick the right company that will provide you with all of these facilities and give you a quick response to your concerns. Rite Way is a reliable company that will fulfill your needs at reasonable prices, provide flatbed towing nyc and be available to you 24/7.