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    7 Common Reasons You Might Need Roadside Assistance

    Being stranded on the side of the road or having a flat tire is the essence of "Bad Day." It can be quite the experience to have your car lifted, the flat tire removed, and the spare put on. Your top priority when anything unforeseen occurs with your car is to get back on the road as soon as possible. A dead battery, a flat tire, an empty gas tank, or misplaced keys are just a few of the issues that roadside assistance can help you swiftly handle and get back on the road.

    Here are the 7 Typical Reasons for Roadside Assistance in case you've ever wondered, "Is roadside assistance really worth it?"


    Running Low on Fuel

    An empty fuel tank will halt your journey more quickly than anything else. Our lives are hectic and constantly in motion. Things might occasionally get lost in the chaos of our everyday lives such as remembering to fill up the tank. The only way to restart your car if it runs out of fuel is to fill it up. Roadside assistance may bring you a can of fuel to get back on the road quickly and conveniently, saving you the trouble of walking to a fuel station that may be miles away.


    Flat Tire

    It's not easy to change a flat tire. Sometimes we don't have the strength, the tools, or even spares. However, until it is changed, you cannot resume your motion. When you need help changing a flat tire or getting back on the road, roadside assistance is always available around the clock.


    Discharged Battery

    Everyone is familiar with that sound. There is nothing when you turn on the ignition. You now have a dead battery after unconsciously leaving a door open or the lights on. If you have jumper wires at all, you might not always have someone around to give you a boost. If your battery dies, roadside assistance NYC can jumpstart you so you may continue driving.


    Locksmith Services

    When it's time to go, you grab your keys but hold on. What place are they? You need a locksmith whether they are lost, taken, locked, or just sitting on your driver's seat. The expense of hiring a locksmith to unlock your car can be really high. Locksmith services are sometimes included with roadside help; they open doors for you when you're locked out.


    Minor Fixes

    Sometimes, a minor issue can get out of control. Roadside assistance can quickly and easily fix small problems like low oil pressure, a clogged filter, and water for a radiator so you may safely return to driving toward your destination.


    Saves You Bucks

    Although the cost of roadside assistance packages varies, they are always less than what a single tow, locksmith service, or small repair would cost. The annual cost of roadside assistance is far less than the expense of receiving help when needed.


    Be Prepared for the Unexpected

    You can't calculate a flat tire, whether you drive an old, beat-up truck or a brand-new, luxurious sports car. Furthermore, a car with a flat tire is not able to drive. Although nobody expects having a dead battery or locking their keys in the car, roadside assistance can prevent the situation from becoming a lengthy hassle if and when it occurs. All it takes to fix an unexpected car issue and get you back on the road fast and easily is a quick phone call.


    Which Services Are Covered by Roadside Assistance in an Emergency?

    It’s a helpless feeling when your car breaks down while you are driving. You are unsure of who to ask for assistance and do not know what to do.

    Roadside assistance can help with that. It's a service that comes in handy when your vehicle breaks down, a tire goes flat, or your fuel tank runs out. Ultimately, it serves as a resource for you in case you require immediate roadside assistance.

    Roadside assistance has the huge benefit of being accessible to anyone. Roadside help is available to you regardless of your vehicle type—new or old, insured or not.

    In case something goes wrong, make sure you have roadside assistance the next time you're driving. You'll be happy that you did.


    Adding Roadside Assistance Can be a Lifesaver

    Consider obtaining roadside assistance from Riteway Towing if you want the comfort of knowing that assistance is only a phone call away. Our Roadside Assistance NYC provides a selection of roadside assistance plans that are adaptable and made to best meet your specific requirements.

    Offering the best roadside help, with the quickest response times and the highest quality of care, to our clients is something we are quite proud of. Get in touch with the Riteway Towing team to create the ideal, cost-effective roadside assistance plan that is specifically tailored to your requirements.



    Roadside assistance is something you never know when you might need it, so it's better to be prepared. If you're not prepared, minor issues like flat tires, running out of fuel, and locking yourself out of your car can turn into big ones.

    There's no reason not to have Riteway Towing when it can assist you get back on the road fast and easily. Get a plan from us right now, and you can feel secure knowing that you have coverage in case of an emergency.