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    How to Reduce Oil Consumption in Your Vehicle

    Oil is the lifeblood of any vehicle. Providing lubricant and cooling to the vehicle’s engine ensures smooth operations in the vehicle. Proper maintenance can also help overcome any vehicle issue. If your car is consuming more oil than usual, this is a big turnover for any owner, and this issue has to be sorted out. However, excessive oil consumption can be a cause for concern, leading to increased costs and any other potential damage to the vehicle. There are several steps that can be taken to reduce oil consumption and ensure smooth performance. In this blog, we will be discussing some strategies for minimizing oil consumption.


    Regular Maintenance:

    Regular maintenance is key for keeping your vehicle running smoothly as well as reducing oil consumption. Routine oil changes are essential to keeping your engine running smoothly without any issues. If your engine is properly lubricated, and free from contaminants, then it will actually help reduce oil consumption. Follow the lubricant that is made for your vehicle's engine. Using the wrong choice of lubricant can destroy a vehicle engine and can  give birth to different issues as well. Try to change lubricant at the recommended intervals and use recommended grade oil for your vehicle.


    Check for Leaks

    One of the major causes of excessive oil consumption is leaking. Even small leaks can result in significant losses over time. Leaking is a problem that has to be sorted out on time; otherwise, it causes unnecessary wear and tear to the engine.  If you are noticing common signs, such as dark puddles under the vehicle or an illuminated dashboard oil light,  don’t delay in faxing the issue. Pay close attention to the areas around the oil pan; this is the most common location for a leak to occur. If you discover a leak, have it repaired by a nearby mechanic. If your car stops at any unknown location, don’t hesitate to call for help from  Riteway Towing. They are available 24/7 and make sure that you are safe.


    Use High-Quality Oil:

    The quality of the oil we use also affects oil consumption.  Oil that is not for cars and has a high viscosity can lead to increased pressure in the system, which increases the temperature of any engine, resulting in overheating. Go for high quality synthetics or synthetic blends that are specifically formulated to provide high performance. These oils offer protection against wear and tear, resulting in reducing oil consumption over time. While synthetic oils are expensive but offer long terms benefits to the engine, their oil savings are a worthy investment. Maintaining a proper oil level in your engine is crucial for preventing excessive oil consumption.


    Address engine issues promptly:

    The problem of excessive oil consumption is more common in older engines because older parts deteriorate to oil leaks. If you notice such as excessive smoke from silencer, rough idling or decreased engine performance, get your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic asap. Addressing any of these issues promptly can avoid further damage to your vehicle. It helps with the long term durability for your vehicle. Your driving habits can also impact on oil consumption. Aggressive driving not only damages vehicles but also increases oil consumption. Practice smooth driving techniques to improve fuel efficiency.


    Use oil additives:

    There are different additives available in the market that help your vehicle run smoothly by fulfilling all the requirements and needs of an engine. Oil additives are designed to reduce friction and improve engine performance. Look for additives that are mainly formulated to deal with oil consumption issues and follow it with the proper instructions provided by any professional. While oil additives not only eliminate the problem but also prolong the health of the engine. You can get the most trusted Towing service if your vehicle stops anywhere by just calling Riteway Towing on the go.



    Reducing oil consumption in the vehicle is essential for maintaining engine health and prolonging its life span. By following the above outlined tips you can actually observe the difference. Minimizing the oil usage is essential for a smoother ride and more efficient performance from your vehicle for years to come. Remember daily maintenance goes a long way in preserving the longevity of your engine. It does not only save your money but it is also time saving in all means. It is essential to apply all the above steps while facing a fuel consumption issue and if it is still not solved go immediately to a professional mechanic. Enjoy a safer ride!