Tips for Driving in the Winter

Driving in the WinterRite Way Towing offers 24 hour towing service in New York City throughout the five boroughs and Long Island. When harsh winter weather hits the metropolitan area, there’s a chance your vehicle might need to be towed, for whatever reason, because freezing temperatures, ice, snow, and sleet can cause all sorts of problems on area roads and highways. It’s tough living and working in NYC, for sure.

That said, what are some winter driving tips? Well, the obvious tip is this: if the weather sucks, stay home. Or if you live near a subway stop, use that instead of your car to get around.

Now for those of you who have to navigate the streets of New York during crazy winter snowstorms and such, here are some basic tips. For God’s sake, slow down. Yeah, you’re not used to going slow. It’s New York. But when there’s ice and snow on the roads, you have to slow down. You should even accelerate and decelerate slowly.

When the pavement is wet, you’re going to need an extra 5 seconds or so of “following distance.” That means don’t tailgate.

A lot of times people get in accidents, and/or their vehicle spins out of control, when they slam on their brakes and the wheels aren’t on dry pavement. If the road’s like a sheet of glass, guess what: you’re going to slide. Therefore, it’s always better to slow down than to point blank try and stop.

While there aren’t too many hills around, there are some, especially in Brooklyn near Sunset Park. In the winter, don’t power up hills and don’t stop going up a hill. “Slow and steady” wins the race, people. Keep that phrase in mind when you’re driving in the winter– it could save your life.

Should your vehicle need a tow this winter, call NYC’s Rite Way Towing at 646-610-9666 or 718-392-8070.

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